The 10 biggest Startups & Scaleups funding rounds in 2019-2020 for ScaleCities alliance

SCALE (the Startup Cities Alliance) is a collaborative force of global cities (SCALE.CITIES) represented by their public ecosystem builders, who work together on strengthening local startup ecosystems through sharing their networks and learnings. ScaleCities are cities coordinating and deploying strategies to allow both their local and global ecosystems to grow.

This landscape showcases the 10 biggest startup and scaleup funding rounds of each city in the year of 2019 to 2020. Funding rounds of IPO, ICO, M&A, and Buyout are excluded from the list.

Amsterdam – Antwerp – Barcelona – Berlin – Cologne – Hamburg – Helsinki – Lisbon – Milan – Munich – Porto – Rome – Stockholm – Vienna

Made by

  • Syifa Riona Amani
  • Lotf Belych
  • Matthieu Demolin
  • Ecosystem ScaleCities